22 February, 2021

Nordic Life Science Investment Day: Modernizing the Regulatory Landscape – Where Are We & How Did We Get Here?

The 21st of April, our CEO at Kickfile and Director of Regulatory Affairs at Devicia AB will be co-hosting at the Nordic Life Science Investment days. Sofia will share her knowledge on The New Cross-Industry Playground session and speak about Modernizing the Regulatory Landscape, answering the questions of where we are & how did we get here?

In the world of exponential data and digital disruption, there are more stakeholders involved in R&D than ever before. Traditional business models across the drug discovery and development value chain are transitioning at an increasingly rapid pace. Likewise, the diversification of product pipelines has expanded beyond drugs, with the inclusion of modalities such as medical devices, through which we can better engage patients as well as an ability to harness the best of medicine through big data and digital tools. In this session, we take a look at this new field: who is involved, how are they working together, and what does this mean for the future of clinical trials from academic, pharma, MedTech, and regulatory perspectives?